12 April 2013

It Takes a Village

One of the unexpected advantages of our year 5 and 6 open learning space is the wrap around pastoral and learning support the students are getting from having 3 teachers. Yes there are more students, so it’s not as if there are more teachers per child, but there are more teachers overseeing each child.

It feels a bit like a village with 3 three elders leading and taking care of the students. Some students might be with one teacher for literacy, one for maths and another for their home class, but even if they are only in learning groups with two or even one teacher, we do see all of the students in the space as our responsibility. We know them all well by now, and between us are able to provide different strengths, interests and ‘eyes’.

This has worked really well in situations where there have been behavioural or learning issues. Three adults monitoring, problem solving, backing up or helping, has been able to provide more support for that child than one teacher on his or her own could provide. From the child’s point of view this could this really could bring truth to the saying that ‘teachers have eyes in the back of their heads’ - there is no escaping!!

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