1 August 2013

Modern Learning Environments - Not A Thing But A Process

I heard Julia Atkin speak at The Modern Learning Environments Conference put on by Core Education . She was pointing out that there is no one thing that is a modern learning environment. Instead it is a process of striving for exemplary practice for our students.

In all instances this practice needs to be:
- Dynamic and responsive
- Informed by critical reflection
- Knows why
- Links design to beliefs.

Its our beliefs about learning and the nature of learners that needs to shape design (of both pedagogy and physical environment). This is a collaboration of what our community, children and teachers value.

What learning activities are going to happen?
What settings do we need?

In light of this, I'm looking forward to helping to set up a Home School Partnership meeting where I hope we can explicitly give our parent community a forum to contribute to the developing modern learning environment we are developing.

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