11 February 2016

Focus for PES Inquiry 2016

In January this year as part of our teacher preparation day, we set the scene for our 2016 teaching inquiry.

Unlike last year when teachers followed any inquiry direction they liked, we have a broad, school wide umbrella, under which teachers follow their own particular inquiry needs. The school inquiry focus is: How can we accelerate progress in reading and writing through formative practice?

This collective focus was partly due to feedback from teachers about the inquiry process last year. teachers felt that not being so individualistic would provide a more collegial and supportive environment. It also allows for staff professional development from external experts to be more efficiently delivered. I also think that it has been a bonus to all be paddling the same way towards a common school goal.

Part of our discussion was round getting a common understanding of what formative assessment was.

The reading, referred to on the presentation, and the notes we made, formed a great discussion about the timing, range and depth of data we could collect.

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